Trans Oklahoma-Washington gas money rock n roll.


Modern Peasant records is a way for members of the Putters to distribute material from their respective whore bands. A whore band being any band that isnt the Putters...

This whole thing was Robert's idea and in his fragile emotional state we dont like to tell him no.

Most of the site is still under construction and by most I mean all. We hope to have a paypal account soon so y'all can buy our shit.


Modern Peasant records welcomes Red Cities and John Wayne's Bitches to our roster of stars. They are real bands and not the low rent, half assed whore bands you've come to expect from us.

I've heard the roughs from the John Wayne's Bitches debut and it made me feel old and in the way. Red Cities makes me feel like I need to go home and practice guitar. - Nate


Red Cities debut album.

"Putting the danger back into rock and roll" - Hear Nebraska

Paypal to order the record. $20.00


The Sinners, "Drunk on the Lord's Day.

Street-level garage rock from the City of Brotherly Love!

Paypal to order the record. $18.00


The 667s: Cheer Up Buttercup.

Get this hot digitized slab of the sounds of old men napping now!

Download it for free or give us money.



John Wayne's Bitches: Bitch Out.

Release Date: December 1st 2013

Order this Punk of Future past now!

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Red Cities: Build it up. Tear it down.

Red Cities is a loud and unruly Lincoln, NE-based garage rock and psychedelia band started in 2012 that is into music being fun, intelligent, and independent with the outcome of destroying the corporate record industry and rock stardom. Red Cities is a cog in the larger Big Takeover.

Loud garage and psychedelic rock unfettered by a gazillion foot pedals and wanky virtuosity.

U.S. and Canada only!


The 667s: Monodons of the World Unite!

The latest non-stop somethingorother from the 667s. Download it for free here.

Putters Video for Dirt Gun from the EP Good Friends With Your Mother.

Watch video. Buy CD.


The Putters: Good Friends With Your Mother release!

So tasty your mom made cookies out of it.

Zombie vs. Shark Video for Dogs and Guns.

Watch video. Buy single.

Dogs and Guns.


Zombie vs. Shark's Wartime Sugar vinyl release!

So hot it melts on the turntable.


The 667s debut album!

You can purchase this dirty little record here.


Zombie vs. Shark's latest single Cold Machine!

You can purchase this latest slab o' fab here.


Zombie vs. Shark's latest single Dogs and Guns!

You can purchase this hot rockin' masterpiece here.


The Putters will be releasing a 4 song 7" titled Got something for your daughter.

You can purchase this fine slab of vinyl goodness here.


Zombie vs. Shark's first release Wartime Sugar will be available soon. They have posted the songs here but we dont see a dime of that money so don't click the link.

You can purchase this kick ass piece of middle american punk rock here.

Zombie vs. Shark T-Shirt

Now you can wear the shirt while you listen to the cd on your way to their next show.

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